Congratulations @GregHands for being appointed the new @Conservatives Chairman! Our UK member party is in good hands and the worldwide IDU family is looking forward to deepening our relations in 2023 and beyond! 🇬🇧

Conservatives @Conservatives

NEW: @GregHands has been appointed as Conservative Party Chairman. 👇

I am excited to be asked by @rishisunak to be Chairman of the @conservatives

I joined the Party in 1986 - a ward chairman in 1992, a councillor in 1998, a Group Leader in 1999, an MP in 2005, a Minister in 2011 - an honour to chair it in 2023!

The work starts right away.

It was a pleasure welcoming our partners from @EPP, @idualliance, and @idc_cdi to the international program of the Kataeb congress. Great exchange of ideas on Lebanon's economic and political challenges and on potential collaboration.

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