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Welcome to SME Global!

Stepping into the role as President of SME Global, I am both humbled and energized. This opportunity to advance small and medium-sized enterprises globally is more than a position; it’s a mission close to my heart.

My vision is clear: to empower these enterprises as the drivers of innovation and job creation. To embrace globalization and collaboration through the extensive IDU network. To my fellow members in the IDU, I look forward to uniting in advocating for policies that support free trade, low taxation and individual liberty. Let’s ensure SMEs have the tools they need to thrive and shape a brighter future for all.

SME Global President
Jörgen Warborn, MEP, Moderaterna, Sweden

SME Global is a globally active center-right network dedicated to fostering the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups on a global scale. Our association comprises politicians from the member parties of the International Democracy Union alongside business representatives from across the globe. SME Global provides an institutional framework and opportunities for networking, increased visibility, practical exchange, and collaboration. We are committed to a socially-oriented market economy, responsible economic development, low taxation, and individual liberty.


Offer a platform for policymakers: SME Global aims to establish a platform that connects conservative, center-right, and like-minded policymakers who are engaged in setting agendas relevant to the future prospects of SMEs and startups.

Encourage practical exchange and collaboration: SME Global serves as a hub for professional development and collaboration, facilitating practical exchange on 21st- century structural challenges that shape the evolving business landscape.

Champion SME perspectives politically: SMEs and startups across the globe grapple with common obstacles such as bureaucratic hurdles, limited flexibility, and high compliance costs associated with national legislation. They often lack a unified voice to offset their relatively weak bargaining power. This is why SMEs and startups stand to gain significantly from sharing experiences with regulatory systems and adopting best practices. Furthermore, clustering SMEs and Start-up’s concerns allows for an innovation friendly future.

Spur future viability by elevating SME issues on the IDU agenda: SMEs and startups have emerged as key players in driving innovation and shaping business dynamics. They possess distinct advantages and exhibit remarkable flexibility and adaptability. However, they are also particularly sensitive to changes in market conditions and regulatory environments. Our objective is to champion the interests of SMEs and startups within the IDU, advocating for their needs and highlighting the influence of politics and political processes on their daily operations. Fostering an environment conducive to innovation necessitates global cooperation and coordination.

Empower high-achieving entrepreneurs and the next generation of leaders: SME Global provides a platform for both mutual and individual exchange of expertise, with a special focus on empowering the younger generation to realize their full potential. By fostering collaboration between experienced professionals and emerging leaders, we create a supportive ecosystem that benefits all participants and contributes to the sustainable growth of SMEs and startups worldwide.

Acknowledge SMEs as democracy pillars and key players in political innovation: SME Global recognizes SMEs and Start-ups not only as a driving factor for business innovation, but for societal and political changes as well. SMEs and Start-ups offer pragmatic approaches facing a broad spectrum of societal challenges, thus supporting political transformation processes substantially. By offering employment possibilities and enabling women entrepreneurship, they foster women empowerment worldwide.


SMEs and startups are vital to today’s global economy and democracy, driving innovation, growth, and employment opportunities. Despite comprising the majority of enterprises and employment in many countries, their significance is often undervalued by national governments. SME Global endeavors to advocate for SMEs and identify strategies to maximize their opportunities by raising awareness of the challenges they encounter and developing practical solutions. We have identified three key themes that drive our efforts in establishing a conducive environment for SME growth: reducing regulatory burdens, promoting digitalization, and facilitating participation in international trade.