Brian Loughnane – Deputy Chairman

Liberal Party, Australia


Brian Loughnane was appointed as the IDU Deputy Chairman in April 2019. He is the former Federal Director of the Liberal Party of Australia, holding that position from 2003 until 2015. During this time, he was responsible for the Liberal Party’s campaign operations, masterminding an impressive string of election victories.

Prior to this role, he held a number of senior advisory and campaign positions in the Liberal Party. He holds a degree in political science from La Trobe University. Before entering politics, he worked in business and was responsible for industrial relations at Shell Australia. He is married to Peta Credlin, who served as chief of staff to former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Brian Loughnane also serves as a member of the International Republican Institute’s International Advisory Council. He has been a key member of the IDU’s standing Committee on Campaigns and Elections for several years.