The Right Honourable John Key MP
National Party, New Zealand

Deputy Chairman

Tony Clement MP
Conservative Party, Canada

Vice Chairmen

Armando Calderon Sol
UPLA Chairman, Arena, El Salvador

David McAllister MEP
Christian Democrat Union, Germany

The Rt. Hon. David Lidington MP
Conservative Party, United Kingdom

Prime Minister Erna Solberg
Conservative Party, Norway

Hon. Etibar Mammadov
National Independence Party, Azerbaijan

Hon. Jan Zahradil MEP
President, AECR
Civic Democratic Party (ODS), Czech Republic

Hon. John Hsiao-Yen Chiang
Kuomintang, Republic of China

Joseph Daul
EPP President, UMP, France

Kim, Se Yeon MP
Saenuri Party (New Frontier Party), Korea

Dr. Kizza Besigye
Chairman, DUA
Forum for Democratic Change, Uganda

Hon. Peter Mac Manu
New Patriotic Party, Ghana

Raul Castro Stagnaro
Partido Popular Cristiano, Peru

Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe MP
Chairman, APDU
United National Party, Sri Lanka

Hon. Reinhold Bocklet MdL
Christian Social Union, Germany


Lord Ashcroft KCMG
Conservative Party, United Kingdom

Political Auditor

Eva Gustavsson
Moderate Party, Sweden

Secretary General

Eirik Moen
Conservative Party, Norway


Hon. Etibar Mammadov

Party Leader of the National Independence Party of Azerbaijan (NIPA). IDU Vice Chairman since 2005. He has previoosly stood as a presidential candidate: both in 1998 and 2003.

Etibar Mammadov was born in Baku, Azerbaijan on April 2, 1955. He is married with three children.

Etibar Mammadov studied at the faculty of history at Baku State University in Azerbaijan. In 1973, he was suspended for a year due to his involvement in political activity. He returned to university the following year and later graduated in history. In 1987 he obtained his doctorate in history from the same university.

In 1988 Etibar Mammadov led the Azerbaijani national freedom movement. He was also co-founder and one of the leaders of the Popular Front of Azerbaijan. He organized numerous protest actions during the peoples movement against the Soviet Empire. He then travelled to Moscow to protest directly against the attack of Soviet troops on civilians in Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku, on 20 January 1990 when citizens rose up to call for independence and liberty. More than 100 people with killed and injured during the demonstration.

In Moscow, Etibar Mammadov held a press conference with foreign journalists and brought the events in Azerbaijan to the world’s attention. He was arrested by the KGB the same day and detained at Lefortovo prison for nine months. He was eventually released as the result of a decision made by the High Court in Baku. During his detainment protests were held and more than one and half million signatures were collected calling for his release.

In 1991 Etibar Mammadov split with the Popular Front of Azerbaijan and established the National Independence Party of Azerbaijan. He was elected as chairman of the party at the party’s first congress in 1992. The National Independence Party of Azerbaijan was the first registered political party in Azerbaijan.

Etibar Mammadov is also the author of the Act of Constitution on the State Independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan. He also acted as the head of a parliamentary delegation tasked with securing the recognition of Azerbaijan by other states. The independence of Azerbaijan was recognized by Turkey and Pakistan mainly as a consequence of his visits there.

Etibar Mammadov was elected as a Member of Parliament for two consecutive terms in 1991-1995 and 1995-2000. He resigned as Party Chairman in 2004 but was then re-elected as Party Leader at the 2005 party congress. He is also been the Chairman of the “South Azerbaijan International Forum” since 2006 that was established for the protection of the rights of the more than 30 million Azerbaijani people living in Iran.


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